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Welcome! How to use this forum:

Post by lacierader on 08/04/13, 03:40 pm

Hi. Thank you for visiting the Ask An AP Mom Forum. First off, I'm sorry the title reads Mummies Lounge. It works well enough as a title but that's not the name of the forum! The forum host I am using doesn't seem to give me a lot of design wiggle room so this is what we're left with for now. I'll be working on it though.

This is a place to ask questions with the certainty that you will receive an attachment-parenting friendly tip or piece of advice. You'll notice that this is different from other forums in that there are no sections for pregnancy, children's age groups, birth stories, product reviews etc. and this is because this site really is intended for one purpose: to answer your questions.

My hope is to keep it clutter-free. While the advice of other members is welcome, your question will always be answered by me. For my credentials, follow the link below. There will be no tolerance of debate or small talk that does not benefit the author of the topic.

How to Post A Question:
You don't have to be a member. That's great news!

Please find the topic that your post most pertains to and click on "New Post" there. From there you can post your question. All members are able to answer in any topic simply by clicking on the "Reply" button. As the admin, my responsibility is to monitor each response for both relevance and AP friendliness.

If your question does not fall under any of the topics that I've provided, please post it under the "Anything Goes" section. If it becomes evident that a topic is missing based on looking at how often something is asked there, I will create the necessary new topic.

I think that's it. Please don't come just to read. This site is 100% dependent upon your questions for content.

-Lacie Rader, admin and author of parenting blog/ book: Attached to Parenting,


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